Indoor Air Quality

Throughout the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, IAQ has been on the forefront of providing innovative indoor air quality technologies to agencies striving to create a safer and healthier environment for building occupants. From viral disinfection technologies to continuous air monitoring solutions, IAQ will provide your agency with an effective disinfection strategy tailored to meet your needs.

The WellAir Nano+

Introducing the innovative WellAir Nano Plus, leveraging its patented nanotechnology which combines multiple inactivation processes in one powerful strike to safely disinfect the air in a sub-second timeframe. This technology will provide your agency with a long term solution for your overall disinfection strategy in combatting harmful pathogens.

The uHoo Aura

While it’s important to implement an effective disinfection strategy, it also becomes vital to ensure a proper measurement and monitoring dynamic. The Aura serves as an effective real time commercial monitoring system, measuring 13 indoor air quality parameters, while providing an index of the current viral and indoor air quality dynamic within a room at any given time. Through comprehensive building integration, the Aura system allows your agency to access to real time historical data, analysis, alerts, tips, and integrations to improve your indoor environment anytime, and anywhere.

The Air Guardian Difference

Technology that leverages a UVC light spectrum that has been a widely used and accepted method for killing pathogens for 50+ years.

Product has been registered with the EPA (verifying ability to kill pathogens) & the FDA classified as a Class-1 Disinfectant Medical Device.

Technology has been 3rd party tested by Seoul Semiconductor, one of the largest electronic manufacturers in the world, and confirmed to kill the virus that causes COVID-19 in 3 seconds.

Product comes with a 5-years warranty with a 25 year useful life.

Provides continuous disinfection while occupants are in the room.

A Solution to an Immediate Problem

The Air Guardian delivers continuous disinfection, while occupants are in the room without interrupting daily activities. With an easy installation and little to no maintenance, the Air Guardian stands as a “set it – and forget it” type solution. Through its patented technology and clinical studies, the Air Guardian has proven to kill the virus that causes COVID-19 in 3 seconds, providing your agency or business with the highest level of disinfection available on the market today!


2x2 Air Guardian

Dimension 15.44”l x 15.51”w x 4.23”h
Weight 10 lb
Fan Watts 17 W
UV Chip Watts 20 W
Voltage 120-277 V

2x4 Air Guardian

Dimension 47.4”l x 20.3”w x 4.05”h
Weight 18 lb
Fan Watts 34 W
UV Chip Watts 60 W
Voltage 120-277 V

Introducing the Air Guardian

Our new innovative UVC Technology allows agencies to address their COVID-19 sanitation strategy with the highest level of disinfection available on the market today! The Air Guardian allows for continuous disinfection, while occupants are in the room and is backed by clinical studies to kill the virus that causes COVID-19 in 3 seconds.

How It Works

Purifying Results

Viasys along with Thermo Electron 3rd party independent lab testing - respiratory care division bacteria, mold, viruses, and yeast - KILL RATE 99.99%


  1. Acinetobacter baumannii6
  2. Bacillus anthracis - Anthrax1
  3. Bacillus anthracis spores - Anthrax spores1
  4. Bacillus magaterium sp. (spores)1
  5. Bacillus magaterium sp. (veg.)1
  6. Bacillus paratyphusus1
  7. Bacillus subtilis spores1
  8. Bacillus subtilis1
  9. Clostridium difficile5
  10. Corynebacterium diphtheriae1
  11. Ebertelia typhosa1
  12. Escherichia coli1,2
  13. Leptospiracanicola - infectious Jaundice1
  14. Microccocus candidus1
  15. Microccocus sphaeroides1
  16. Mycobacterium tuberculosis1
  17. Neisseria catarrhalis1
  18. Phytomonas tumefaciens1
  19. Proteus vulgaris1,2
  20. Pseudomonas aeruginosa1,2
  21. Pseudomonas fluorescens1
  22. Salmonella enteritidis1
  23. Salmonela paratyphi - Enteric fever1
  24. Salmonella typhosa - Typhoid fever1
  25. Salmonella typhimurium1
  26. Sarcina lutea1
  27. Serratia marcescens1
  28. Shigella dyseteriae - Dysentery1
  29. Shigella flexneri - Dysentery1
  30. Shigella paradysenteriae1
  31. Spirillum rubrum1
  32. Staphylococcus albus1
  33. Staphylococcus aureus1,2
  34. Staphylococcus hemolyticus1
  35. Staphylococcus lactis1
  36. Stenotrophomonas maltophilia1
  37. Streptococcus viridans1
  38. Vibrio comma - Cholera1


  1. Aspergillius flavus1
  2. Aspergillius glaucus1
  3. Aspergillius niger1
  4. Mucor racemosus A1
  5. Mucor racemosus B1
  6. Oospora lactis1
  7. Penicillium expansum1
  8. Penicillium roqueforti1
  9. Penicillium digitatum1
  10. Rhisopus nigricans1
  11. Protozoa
  12. Chlorella Vulgaris1
  13. Nematode Eggs1
  14. Paramecium1


  1. Bacteriopfage - E. Coli (MS2)1
  2. Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)4
  3. Infectious Hepatitis1
  4. Influenza1
  5. Poliovirus - Poliomyelitis1
  6. Tobacco mosaic1


  1. Brewers yeast1
  2. Candida albicans3
  3. Common yeast cake1
  4. Saccharomyces carevisiae1
  5. Saccharomyces ellipsoideus1
  6. Saccharomyces spores1,2


This system is suitable for commercial and institutional applications.

  • Classrooms
  • Public Agency Facilities
  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Labs & Clinics

Air Guardian® contributes towards earning points required pursuing WELL Certification, satisfying the following Features:

  • A01 Air Quality
  • A03 Ventilation Design
  • A05 Enhanced Air Quality
  • A06 Enhanced Ventilation Design
  • A12 Air Filtration
  • A13 Enhanced Supply Air

Air Guardian Studies & Certifications


Seoul Semi-Conductor had conducted a 3rd party clinical study on the Air Guardian technology and its effectiveness. The study had proven it’s ability to kill the COVID-19 virus in 3 seconds.



Registered with the EPA through ability to kill pathogens (#D420497). Registered with the FDA as a Class-1 Disinfection Medical Device.


Barbers Hill ISD installed technology District-Wide in August 2020 and has had zero confirmed COVID-19 cases since.



The California Air Resources Board is one of six boards, departments, and offices under the California Environmental Protection Agency.


FDA Facility # 10077990  |  Illumipure EPA Establishment Number 98105-TX-1  |  FDA Medical Device Classification Device Class 1 Listing #D4204 97

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