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Protect 900

The Protect 900 is a medical grade, airborne infection control device that inactivates aerosolized viruses, bacteria, mold, spores, and pollen within the breathing zone. Easy to use, Flexible in positioning and quiet in operation. The portable device provides the safest and most cost-effective airborne pathogen protection in a continuous manner to people in small to medium sized rooms or within the occupied spaces of larger rooms. The Device uses two Nano Strike coils with a dual speed fan.

How It Works

Stage 1.

Contaminated indoor air is pulled into the unit by an internal dual-speed fan.

Stage 2.

Two NanoStrike™ coils provide a powerful strike, made up of multiple concurrent inactivation processes, that work to rapidly destroy airborne pathogens.

Stage 3.

Clean purified air is recycled back into the room.


Product Highlights

    10 year Useful life

    14 watts / 3Amps

    Under 40 dB of sound projection

    10lbs of weight

    Lowest cost of ownership vs others

    Unit Option: wall mount, desk stand, and Portable stand

    No functional degradation

    Power source: wall plug in

    Efficacy validated through 70+

    No filters or internal parts

    Leveraging patented Nano-strike technology