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Defend 400

The Defend 400 is an FDA Cleared Medical device that inactivate aerosolized viruses, bacteria, and fungi, and purifies the air of particulate matter, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), gasses and odors. The Device is designed for airborne infection control in small to medium sized rooms where risk of healthcare- acquired infections (HAI’s) and surgical site infections (SSI’s) is elevated. The Defend 400 device combines NanoStrike Technology with triple stage filtration system from Camfil to deliver healthy indoor air.

How It Works

The Defend 400 Cleans the air via a four-stage air disinfection and purification process

Stage 1

Powerful, multi-speed fan pulls indoor air through a Camfil® pre-filter, capturing large particles, protecting the NanoSrike coils, and extending the life of the HEPA filter. 

Stage 2

NanoStrike coils provide a powerful strike, made up of multiple concurrent inactivation processes, that work to rapidly destroy airborne pathogens.

Stage 3

A Camfil® HEPA H13 filter tracks bacterial debris and particles as fine as 0.12µm.

Stage 4

A Camfil® G4 carbon/molecular filter neutralizes VOCs, odors and impurities. 

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Product Highlights

    4 nano strike coils 

    Triple stage filtration system (M5 30/30) (HEPA H13) (Carbon filter)

    FDA Class II Medical Device

    5 Speed Dynamic

    210 CFM

    1500 Sq ft of area

    56 lbs

    179 Watt power draw

    Anti-microbial additive to touchscreen

    Designed for High risk healthcare environments