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uHoo Aura

The uHoo Aura allows agencies to accurately measure and monitor the current indoor air quality within facilities, with the system also allowing for comprehensive EMS/BAS integration. Through real time continuous monitoring of 13 different indoor air quality parameters, agencies can measure the effectiveness of different solutions that have been installed, along with identifying if additional measures are needed.


How It Works

The uHoo Aura utilizes Al-powered insights based on scientific research to provide a real-time risk assessment of the coronavirus surviving and becoming transmittable in the air. With this information, you would know which specific actions to take to reduce your coronavirus risk.

The uHoo Virus Index™ is based on a comprehensive analysis of multiple air quality factors. The safety thresholds are based on scientific research conducted by organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other scientific publications conducted by various scientists and universities.


Product Highlights

    Includes real time virus index

    Push notification alerts for parameters thresholds

    Operates on iPhone and Android interface

    Can be integrared into EMS/ BAS system

    Can add total of 15 sensors

    Data can read up to 100,000 devices on each account

    Data is stored and easily accessible for report compilation

    Commissioned through existing wifi network

    Room by room floor plan

    Can read give reading updates up to every minute

    Detailed analytics